The Arc of El Paso believes that individuals with a disability can become valuable employees. Having a disability does not have to stand in the way from getting and keeping a job.  We are here to help you prepare for, find, and keep a job!

The Arc has a contract with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to provide employment services.  Getting a job begins with TWC. 

Contact our Employment Specialist at employment@thearcofelpaso.org or call the office at (915) 564-4978 and we can refer you to TWC.

You can also contact TWC yourself to enroll in their Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

TWC in El Paso:                              

Central/Downtown office:  (915) 834-704
Eastside Westmoreland office:  (915) 782-7150


The TWC Vocational Rehabilitation Program serves people with a wide variety of disabilities, including:

        • Mental health issues,
        • hearing impairment,
        • impaired functioning of arms or legs,
        • back injury,
        • alcoholism or drug addiction,
        • intellectual and developmental disabilities,
        • learning disability,
        • traumatic brain injury and
        • other physical or mental disabilities that prevent the person from finding and keeping a job.

TWC services are provided based on individual needs. Some of the services they provide are:

          • medical, psychological and vocational evaluation to determine the nature and degree of the disability and the consumer’s job capabilities,
  • counseling and guidance to help the consumer and family plan vocational goals and adjust to employment,
  • training to learn job skills in trade school, college, university, on the job or at home,
  • hearing exams, hearing aids and other communication equipment, aural rehabilitation and interpreter services for the deaf and hearing impaired,
  • medical treatment and/or therapy to lessen or remove the disability,
  • assistive devices such as artificial limbs, braces, and wheelchairs to stabilize or improve functioning on the job or at home,
  • rehabilitation technology devices and services to improve job functioning,
  • *training in appropriate work behaviors and other skills to meet employer expectations,
  • *job placement assistance to find jobs compatible with the person’s physical and mental ability, and,
  • *follow-up after job placement to ensure job success.

*TWCcontracts with community-based entities to provide these services.  THIS IS WHERE THE ARC CAN HELP. 

Once you have gone through the TWC process and qualify for services, you can select The Arc as your provider.  The Arc’s Employment Specialist will then work directly with you to prepare for, find, and keep a job. 

We provide job coaching, job placement and supported employment services.

Contact our Employment Specialist for more information:
Scott Cool
3431 Pershing, Ste D-1
El Paso, TX  79903
(915) 613-6800 cell
(915) 564-4978 office