ABLE Achieving a Better Life Experience

The Arc of El Paso wants to see more people with ABLE Accounts. To help with this, we are proud to have received funding from the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation. 20 participants, based on a participation rubric will receive a $100 stipend that will be paid directly into their ABLE Account. We know their a lots of myths about ABLE Accounts that might scare off participants, but we know our ABLE education program will prepare you to successfully manage an ABLE Account. From September 2023 through May 2024, you will learn about these important topics:

September 2023 – An Overview of ABLE Accounts and the Participation Rubric

           Meeting times for September include your choice of: 

           September 20, 2023 at noon at The Arc of El Paso at The Shoppes at Solana (formerly Sunland Park Mall), or

           September 26, 2023 at 7 pm via Zoom (link provided at registration or by emailing

October 2023 – Debunking Myths About ABLE Accounts

November 2023 – Comparing Different State Programs to Find the Best ABLE Account

December 2023 – Understanding Qualified Disability Expenses

January 2024 – Maintaining Documentation of Use of Funds

February 2024 – Choosing between Investment Options in ABLE Accounts

March 2024 – Using ABLE Accounts to Save for a Larger Purchase

April 2024 – Having a Job and an ABLE Account

May 2024 –  Understanding the Difference Between a Special Needs Trust and an ABLE Account

Participation stipends will be awarded based on the Rubric in June 2024, and during the training period individual consultations will be made available to participants so that personal details can be kept confidential.

Sessions are yet to be scheduled and each session will be held at least twice, once in person and once via Zoom.

Some FAQs:

1) If I already have an ABLE Account, can I participate and possibly received a $100 stipend?


2) My family has more than one special needs child, could both children possibly receive the $100 stipend?

Yes, even if the same parent assists both children.

3) Do I have to meet eligibility requirements for an ABLE Account?

Yes, the ABLE Account holder must meet eligibility requirements to have an ABLE Account.

4) Do I have to have an ABLE Account before receiving the stipend?


5) Do I need to attend all session to receive the $100 stipend?

Not necessarily. The participation rubric which will be explained during the first session will explain how participation will be scored. That score will determine who receives the $100 stipend.

If you don’t see your question answered, email Tom Laign at

Don’t delay-register for the ABLE Account Education Series Mailing List today, so you can be kept up to date on what’s happening. I wonder-could registering first have anything to do with that participation rubric?