The Arc Adventure Club

Are you 18 and older and do you want adventure in your life? The Arc Adventure Club has free and low-cost activities during the year. We know you want to do more than just watch television and will bring energy to make The Arc Adventure Club fun for you and others. 

The Arc Adventure Club is intended for adults no longer in high school and will help you have fun and connect with others who also want to have fun. High school students who are interested in life after high school are welcome to attend. As a participant, you can suggest ideas for future activities, and what can be done will be different throughout the year. Because of COVID-19, activities at first will be online, and we expect activities to last 3 hours. Some activities may need you to participate the entire time, and other activities you might be able to go and come as you see fit. With COVID-19, we’ll find ways to be safe and have fun together online. When it is safe to get together, we will get together to have fun and be safe. Activities could include dance parties, going to the zoo and movies, hiking, art, getting together to play games, holiday parties, and much, much more! We want to make this fun for you! Are you ready to have fun?

You need to bring yourself, and if you have a personal care attendant, you need to bring that person, too. We’ll let you know if you need money or any supplies for the activity. We also need a liability release form and photo consent form signed. If you have a guardian, we will need that person’s signature on these forms.






Activities Coordinator, Shayla Roby, will be coordinating activities. You can email Shayla with questions you might have. Shayla graduated from Montwood High School and is attending WNMU. She is a candidate for her Masters in Mental Health with a concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling, where she is learning how to help people with disabilities connect with jobs.







Join us for our Family Christmas Gathering on Monday, December 13th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Adventure Zone. Space is limited. See our registration form below for more information and register today!